Anthony Adam - stonemason - Builder and landscaping

We look after your requirements as if they were our own, for the experience and the final result are up to your expectations.
So, we can assist you during the construction, renovation, transformation of your property. Also, all of your landscaping (terrace, staircase, garage, carport,…) can be accomplished by ourselves. We have been specialised in working natural stone for a few years, we can offer a wide variety of natural stones and also different types of masonry from more traditional to more contemporary.


Anthony Adam - Specialised in working with natural stone

We come and see you for a free quote and we decide together a plan corresponding to your requirements and expectations.

New building

From classic buildings to contemporary ones, we can envisage all types of buildings.

Transformation and renovation

Our company assists you throughout your project; for transformation or renovation of your house, farmhouse, villa, office, etc…


Landscaping constitutes a real increase in value of your property …